Dear Donors, Friends, and Fellow Trustees:James Dunn

It is my honor to serve the Kennesaw State University Foundation Board of Trustees as Chair during such a tremendous time of growth, prosperity and change.  I have had the privilege of working amongst the staff of the Development and Foundation offices, witnessing first-hand the hours of sacrifice and dedication these employees invest to ensure that Kennesaw State has the resources, investments, scholarships and volunteers to continue making a difference in the lives of our 35,000 students.

Working with the many volunteers on the Foundation during these years has taught me a lesson in selfless sacrifice, dedication, and sense of community; knowing that each volunteer has a genuine interest in Kennesaw State achieving the goal of being a student centric University and the best R2 Institution in the United States.

While these goals may seem monumental, the steps to achieving them start small and simple.  First, and foremost, the Foundation must develop its Strategic Plan in coordination with the University.  We must also continue to grow scholarship support for all students, whether for academic or merit achievement, first in family, legacy, military, specialty and (most importantly) need based scholarships.  Finally, as we grow our scholarship support, we will simultaneously grow the endowment.  Through shrewd investments and fund raising, the KSU Foundation should be able to dramatically increase our endowment within the next five years.

I ask that you join me and the other members of the Kennesaw State University Foundation as stewards of this remarkable university.  Remember, the leaders of tomorrow are the students of today.


Jim Dunn





James P. Dunn
The Kennesaw State University Foundation