Strategic Plan

Kennesaw State University Foundation


The purpose of the Kennesaw State University Foundation (KSUF) is to promote the growth and stewardship of financial resources that support and enhance the mission of Kennesaw State University.  KSUF exists to be a long-term partner with the University and to provide counsel, advocacy and resources through Foundation engagements that will serve to achieve the goals and priorities developed collaboratively with the President and the Division of University Advancement. 


By 2027, position KSUF as a nationally recognized, institutionally related foundation among R2 universities.


The Kennesaw State University Foundation’s Mission is to promote the academic mission of the University and to encourage, receive, invest, account for and allocate private gifts and contributions in support of the institution.  Further, the Foundation serves to assist the University in the achievement of its goals to be a leading, student centric place of higher learning, while establishing itself as a leading R2 research institution.  In coordination with the University, the Foundation strives to promote, nurture and expand a culture of philanthropy for Kennesaw State University.

To accomplish this mission, the KSUF board will:

  • Support the University’s initiatives for R2 Success.
  • Be fully engaged and committed to the success of the University’s Comprehensive Campaign increasing both endowments and non-endowed contributions.
  • Grow the Foundation’s Balance Sheet with emphasis on maintaining strong reserves in order to maintain support for the University in the face of unforeseen contingencies.
  • Continuously monitor the costs and value-added effectiveness of managing our endowments to provide maximum available resources in support of KSU’s mission.
  • Provide volunteer leadership assistance in fundraising activities.
  • Increase the overall diversity of the Board of Trustees.
  • Advance the culture of giving on behalf of the institution with the Board of Trustees in total, serving as the philanthropic lead.
  • Support, foster and facilitate effective, life-long alumni engagement.

Core Values:

Stewardship – Consistently and purposefully honor our obligations and fiduciary responsibilities as representatives of the Foundation and the University.  Demonstrate accountability to our donors through timely provision of information.

Integrity – Ensure that we operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Collaboration – Pursue our mission in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that fosters partnerships with University colleagues, donors, alumni and other partners to accomplish goals.

Excellence – Embrace the opportunity and responsibility to perform our work in support of KSU to the best of our ability.

Trustee Engagement – Maintain a consistent and high level of Trustee participation in meeting Foundation goals while expanding the diversity of the Board.

Visionary – View the future of the Foundation and the University with both pragmatism, imagination and wisdom.


1.  Dramatically increase the endowment balance year-over-year with the targets as follows: (150% increase)

  •  Ending

  • Millions

Actions for increasing the Endowment Fund:

  • Improve the investment returns to a level of at least the 65th percentile for the University’s peer group in the NACUBO annual investment performance report.
  • Have Trustees highly engaged in the Comprehensive Campaign with particular focus by the Volunteer Leaders assigned to the individual units
  • Trustees demonstrate leadership example in philanthropy by:
    • 100% participation in President’s Parliament (or equivalent annual giving for Trustees whose terms began prior to FY20)
    • 75% Participation in Campaign/Major/Planned giving
    • Exceed peer benchmark of Board giving, comprising 25% of Campaign Goal
    • Increase Alumni participation by more than 150% (1.2% current participation to at least 3%)

2.  Achieve a 150% increase in annual Foundation student scholarship support as prioritized by the University (e.g., Gap Scholarships, Honors Scholarships, General Scholarships, etc.).

  • Year
  • Millions

Actions for increasing annual scholarship support:

  • Working with the Office of University Development, the Foundation Campaign Committee engages itself in understanding the activities and actions of the KSU fundraising operation and provides trustee support and leadership as required.

3.  In conjunction with the University, develop a Housing Plan which provides a roadmap for the Foundation-owned housing.  Specifically, how will the Foundation address the Kennesaw Place units?

Actions for the Housing Plan:

  • Using the Housing Advisory Board, develop a long-term plan for Foundation-owned University Housing.  This plan should be completed no later the June 30, 2021.
  • Based on the above plan, take actions required to remedy the Kennesaw Place Housing Units.

4.  Continue to build a robust, broadly skilled and diverse Trustee membership.  Over the next three years, there will be a substantial roll-off of long-term and talented trustees.

Actions for Trustee Recruiting and Development:

  • Due to the large number of Trustees retiring in the next 3 years, the Nominating Committee will need to address these retirements (succession planning) by analyzing skill requirements, level of personal and financial engagement and providing diversity to the Foundation which reflects the community and the student body. 
  • Conduct Trustee assessments every 2 years. Fully utilize the talent of each Trustee.

5.  Create and maintain a comprehensive internal and external communication plan in order to inform and engage the public, governmental decision makers, faculty, staff and alumni.